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Mario Luna Football

Torta Power Sticker Set - Football Lineman Oline & Dline Gorilla Stickers

Torta Power Sticker Set - Football Lineman Oline & Dline Gorilla Stickers

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Introducing Torta Power, a Mexican twist on serving up some serious pancakes for the big gorilla linemen on both the offensive and defensive lines! Picture those massive Gorditos dishing out pancake blocks like nobody's business.

In the world of football, the O-line and D-line are where the true giants of the game come to play. These big gorillas are known for their raw power and unstoppable force on the field. Now, imagine them harnessing the Torta Power – a unique blend of Mexican flavors and football might.

When these linemen get down to business, it's all about serving up those pancake blocks. And with Torta Power in their arsenal, it's not just about taking down opponents; it's about adding a Mexican twist to the game. The combination of strength, technique, and the flair of Torta Power turns every play into a delicious masterpiece.

So, whether you're an offensive lineman looking to clear the path for your running back or a defensive lineman eager to feast on the quarterback, Torta Power is your secret weapon. Just like the Gorditos who savor the art of Mexican pancake-making, linemen who embrace Torta Power bring that same passion to the gridiron. It's a recipe for success that's as bold and flavorful as it is powerful!

Your support is going to help with my trips to practice from Ensenada Mexico to San Diego USA THANKS SO MUCH

2 - 2x2 Helmet Sticker

1 3x3 Backplate sticker



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